Our ecological approach

"There is meaning and satisfaction just living at the source of things.
Life is singing and poetry"


Our ecological approach

“The Botanico is a balanced, delicate and particularly generous ecosystem. It provides us with dates, lychees, mangos, apples, pears, peaches, figs, apricots, avocados, pomegranates, medlars, carobs, plums, passion fruit, oranges and mandarins. And in the pine forest we also grow wild asparagus with which we make delicious tortillas. Thanks to the help of my son David, we choose permaculture for our orchard and vegetable garden. Today it allows us to achieve partial food self-sufficiency, which we are happy to share with our guests and all our family and friends.”


To live in a botanical garden without a commitment to environmental protection was inconceivable to us. This is why, every day, the Botanico team does everything possible to minimize its impact on nature or at least compensate for it.

  • We optimize our daily energy consumption and plan to invest more in sustainable renewable energy systems.
  • We sort, recycle and compost our waste. We fight against overpackaging by opting for reusable containers.
  • The home maintenance and hygiene products we provide are all developed with respect for the environment.

We are part of a local dynamic and whenever possible, we associate ourselves with various collective approaches by favouring partnerships and local collaboration.