From September 26 till October 1
8 to 12 participants
Yoga for all levels



Everything that surrounds us exists of the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether, as well as our bodies. During this retreat, I guide you through these elements by means of all sorts of yoga, mindfulness, breath work, meditations and ceremonies. There will be plenty of time for reflection and integration, so we can rest, restore, nourish and rebalance our nervous systems. In the enchanting gardens of El Botanico we create a safe and sacred space for you, to gently engage in a loving relation with nature and your authentic Self. We will be surrounded and supported by nature, beautiful trees, plants, flowers, birds, sounds and fragrances. This is an all levels yoga retreat; all ages, couples, friends and solo travellers.

You are so welcome.

Rosan Oosterom
Professor of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga | De Nieuwe Yoga School Amsterdam


When you would like to (re)connect with yourself and nature

When you would like to explore the benefits of yoga, meditation and breathwork

When you want to slow down, some rest, balance & peace of mind

When you would like to feel more alive and energetic

When you want some time alone or want to connect to like-minded people

When you just want to be you.


All classes are taught in English.

What can you expect during your stay? The following days we will discover together the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. Each element has its own rhythm and assets. We will guide you through this gentle process starting with Gentle Flow, followed by Yin Yoga, meditations and sharing sessions. These sessions in combination with an extraordinary environment, stunning ecological food prepared by a local chef and plenty of free time in nature, will help you connect with your inner self. When you start to connect with yourself, you will feel empowered from the insight out to live your most beautiful life.


Gentle Flow and Yin Yoga Classes
Sharing sessions
Nature walks
Beautiful local and organic food
Free time
Time to reset, relax and explore
Ayurvedic massages are possible on reservation
For more information about the Gentle Flow, Yin Yoga, sharing sessions or the program in general, e-mail us with your questions.


El Botánico is an ecolodge within a luxurious tropical garden of 20,000 square meters. Rhythmed by water points and home to five colourful and poetic houses, it is the ideal place to take a break from the hustle and bustle and surround yourself with nature. Located at the Mediterranean coast, between Valencia and Alicante. A region known for its pure air and healing climate. Her tropical garden shelters a swimming pool with natural mountain water, Fronton tennis, several animals, biologic vegetable garden and fruit orchard with avocado, oranges, kiwis and more. Free for you to pick from. Feel warm and welcome in your own little paradise.

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The arrival of participants on Sunday afternoon (16:00) and departure on Friday after breakfast.

During your stay, The El Botanico team will be dedicated to your comfort and attentive to all your needs. The price mentioned is per person in a shared room including:

All yoga, meditations and other sessions and ceremonies by Rosan
delicious meals prepared by a local chef using organic and local products
All day (herbal) tea, water and fruit
organic and ecological cosmetics
Comfortable accommodation
Access to a large swimming pool with natural mountain water
Access to a 20,000 square meters tropical garden
Access to an orange orchard, avocados, kiwis and more
Access to a tennis court
Connection with like-minded people
Free time to explore and relax

Casa Azul
Room 1 (booked): Twin room, (approx. 16m2) bathroom and private terrace
€975 per person, private room supplement €335

Room 2 (booked): Twin room, (approx. 16m2) bathroom and private terrace 
€975 per person, private room supplement €335

Room 3: Twin or triple deluxe room, (30m2) bathroom and large private terrace
€1085 per person, private room supplement €380

Casa Rosa
First floor:
Bedroom 4 (booked): Deluxe twin room, (30m2) bathroom and large private terrace

€1085 per person, private room supplement €380

On the ground floor:
Bedroom 5: twin room, (about 13m2) private bathroom
€975 per person, private room supplement €335

Bedroom 6 (booked): twin room, (about 13m2) private bathroom
€975 per person, private room supplement €335

Casa Turquesa
Bedroom 8 (booked): Cabin house of 45m2 with private bathroom and terrace
€975 per person, private room supplement €335

All our colourful houses are equipped with air conditioning, heating, wifi.
The rate does not include Transport to the site. 
Please read our 
Terms and Conditions 


My name is Rosan and I am an Amsterdam based yoga teacher. Five years ago, after almost 20 years of working for the airline KLM, I changed my life around and became a full time yoga teacher. I love to travel and last years I travelled a lot around the globe and created opportunities to teach yoga at the most beautiful places on Earth, like Bali, West Australia, Italy and The Netherlands.

My style of teaching feels like a journey of the self through the self to the self. I invite you to turn your focus inwards, to become more aware of your breath and the sensations in your own body and I keep on guiding you through the whole practice, so you become the explorer. My main focus will always be on love and compassion for yourself.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the mat and to share my passion for yoga with you.

Lots of love,

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